Sunday, January 11, 2009

Starting the New Year. . .

Now that the INSANITY that is running a dog boarding facility over the holidays has slowed down almost to a screeching halt. . .I've been trying to update my shop and even found a few minutes to open a new one! I haven't gotten all that far, but did get my second shop for ALL VINTAGE JEWELRY and accessories opened at I have sooo much vintage jewelry collected for resale and decided I wanted to separate it from my handmade items.

Topping the list of things to do in early 09. . .

Get BETTER pictures. Yuck. My pictures suck. They are dark, on a hundred different backgrounds, and just plain ghetto.

Make some new handmade items. . .time to change it up a little bit and shake up the assortment of items in the shop.

Get the vintage pieces photographed and listed.

Do some promoting and maybe a show or two this spring???

So far, I have redone my banners and avatars with some awesome custom pieces from SeaDreamStudio.....a terrific place on etsy to get graphics and banners, etc. Enjoy!

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