Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Kick Cancer's A** and Look Good While Doing So!

I have finally gotten some ideas together to marketing my verastile headwraps and I hope you will help me pass along the info! As you may know, I recently had a customer who is going through chemo purchase one of these headwraps from my shop to wear during her treatment as a unique and stylish alternative to a baseball cap! It gave me the great idea to start marketing these 100% recycled fabric wraps as a stylish, feel good alternative for women and children going through chemo to help them feel good about themselves!
Both my maternal grandmother and my husband's mother passed away very young after losing their battles to breast cancer, and both of our families have a long history of breast cancer battles behind us. I decided I wanted to do something to make a difference in the lives of other wonderful women and children who are surviving!

All sales of upcycled headwraps and headscarves in my shop will have a portion of the proceeds donated to cancer research and support!

If you know of a great woman or girl who is looking for something to help them look and feel beautiful during chemo, come stop by my shop and consider one of these wraps as a holiday gift!

Make someone's day a little prettier and help us to kick cancer where it counts!

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